We offer 2 choices of LED downlights.


Our Halogen LED lights are based on the style of a traditional Halogen light, but using a modern MR11 LED bulb. The bulbs are encased in a chic 60mm chrome holder and are easily accessible should you need to change them.


The LED Deluxe Lights are supplied with 3 diodes, encased in a stylish and attractive chrome holder. These diodes are 30mm wide to offer more flexibility should rebate depth be an issue.


All of our surrounds are available with the option of fully fitted LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) downlights complete with plug and subtly placed switch. Our lighting looms fully comply with the 2018 EU Energy Regulation (EC 244/2009).

When downlights are added to a surround, we fix the rebate at 1” unless requested otherwise. All of our downlights are provided with 1.5m of cable and a 3 Amp moulded plug. Do not under any circumstances remove this plug as it may cause the lights to fail and will invalidate your warranty.

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